About Us

Welcome to That'Z A Wrap

We are an Alberta based business that proudly serves Western Canada. At That’Z A Wrap we cosmetically change architectural fixtures and household objects. This process can be called vinyl wrapping. Vinyl wrapping is a high quality, low cost and environmentally friendly option for those looking for a change. This can be an effective way of changing the cosmetic appeal of many different materials and objects such as doors, walls, tables, fridges, elevators, columns and many more!


Who Are We

We are a family based start-up that is changing the way people look at renovating

Our Mission

Offer a low alternative solution to those looking to renovate that can’t afford or can’t find the look they are going for

What We Do

We offer a solution to a mass variety of problems business face when faced with construction

Our History

That’Z A Wrap was founded and created by a young marketing student.
It started from a desire of working with vinyl films and different
graphic design software’s. When partnering these two industries he was
able to create a business that provides a very high quality and unique
service to cosmetically chance the appearance of any flat, smooth and
non porous surfaces. This includes desks, nurse’s stations, doors, walls,
elevators, columns and many more.  That’Z A Wrap has won several awards
including the 2019 MHC Start Up Pitch Competition. They also received
Best Pitch in 2019 Competition. They are also the only company in
Alberta to be internationally certified through Altyno.  Also has 2/12
Certified installers in all of Canada!

Martyn Clift

Martyn is a MHC Alumni and has his Business Diploma majoring in Marketing. He is currently the youngest certified Altyno Installer in the country. You will see him as a Goalie Coach and entrepreneur mentor to many different local groups.

Keon Clift